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MSK Direct is the largest and highest-quality cancer benefits solution in the U.S., partnering with employers and unions as well as health plans and third-party administrators. Participants enjoy equal access to the lifesaving discoveries, compassionate patient care, and deep expertise found only at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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Where and how you’re treated first matters.

As a world-leading authority, MSK has specialists who treat every type of cancer, with expertise in surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, nursing, and supportive care. Our screening and prevention programs, earlier detection methods, empathetic care, and more comprehensive diagnoses serve diverse communities around the nation. In fact, our doctors made meaningful changes in cancer diagnoses and treatment for 26% of MSK patients, leading to unparalleled outcomes.

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A forward-thinking investment in your team's health
MSK Direct helps you protect the people you depend on most, wherever they live.
Why MSK Direct?
Early awareness and accurate diagnoses, with better outcomes and quality of life
For those facing or concerned about cancer, MSK Direct services span screening and prevention programs to in-person and virtual access to life-changing care. 
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Actively committed to health equity. 

Across our institution, MSK is committed to breaking down barriers and creating a more equal, diverse, and inclusive community for all. We believe that a culture that embraces differences is essential to providing excellent care to all our local, regional, and national MSK Direct employer and union members. We also offer paths to resources and services in many languages across the cancer journey.

“MSK Direct is a unique program that gives us an opportunity to help bridge the gap in terms of cancer health inequities.”
—Carol Brown, MD, Chief Health Equity Officer and gynecologic cancer surgeon at MSK